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Treat yourself to a unique dining experience at Chef Stefano's Hostaurant in Rapallo.
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Chef Stefano’s Hostaurant

Chef's Name:

Chef Stefano

Chef's Expertise:

Hobby Chef


Rapallo, Italy


Hostaurant, Personal Chef

Hobby Chef, Pastry Chef, Personal Chef
Italy, Pastry Chef, Professional Chef, Rapallo

Stefano is a talented hobby chef from the beautiful Rapallo Italy.  He loves to cook and more than cooking, he loves to make creative pastries and then share them with family and friends.

If you are planning to visit Italy, make sure to spend a day in the beautiful Rapallo to enjoy the beautiful beach and Stefano’s tasty and unique pastries.

Dine with Chef Stefano

To dine with Chef Stefano at his home or to have him cook tasty deserts for your special occasion or for you at your home, please contact us.

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